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1. You get to spend your entire wedding day together!

If weddings are about the bride and groom, then why should they spend the majority of their day apart? I'm all for tradition, but celebrating your love together sounds a whole lot better than apart.

2. You get an intimate moment together, just the two of you!

I hear from brides all the time that they want to see that look on their soon to be husbands face as they walk down the aisle. I can tell you right now that your future husband is a lot more likely to cry and show emotion when he sees you for the first time if its just the two of you rather than standing in front of hundreds of people at the alter. 

3. More time for photos, more time with guests!

After a first look, we have time to get photos of the bridal party, family and of course the bride and groom alone. If most (if not all) of the photos are taken before the ceremony, you and your groom have more time to spend with family and other guests.

4. Consider Daylight.

As amazing as sunset photos are, if you wait until after the ceremony to do all of your photos, depending on your wedding day timeline, you could risk the chance of not having enough daylight for us to take photos outside, especially for early spring and fall weddings. If we shoot all of the photos earlier in the day, we can always take the bride and groom back out for sunset photos if time permits. 


Prior to the wedding, we decide on a location for your first look. Once we arrive at this location on your day, we will be sure not to let the bride and groom see each other. We then position the groom facing away from his bride. At this time his bride can slowly walk up to him and ask him to turn around to take his first look at his soon to be bride in her gorgeous dress. Don't worry we won't be interfering with your special moment, we will just be taking photos of the tears, smiles, hugs and kisses without interacting. Once you've had some time to yourselves, we can start the rest of the portraits with the wedding party, family and most of all the bride and groom privately. 


There are a few things to consider when making a timeline for your big day.

How much time should you spend on photos?

Below is a breakdown of the essentials and how much time we suggest to dedicate to your photos to ensure we get all the photos you want.

30-45 Minutes - Bride/Groom Prep Photos (Eric will be with the bride and a second photographer with the groom)

30+ Minutes - First Look/ Bride and Groom Photos

30 Minutes - Bridal Party Photos

30 Minutes - Family Formal Photos

Don't forget to add in drive times to your timeline if your photos, ceremony, and/or reception are in different places. Make sure your drive times don't cut into your photography time. 

A month before your wedding date, we will request a timeline of your day that includes times and locations so we know exactly where to be at the right times.

Below is an example of a timeline based on booking 8 hours for a wedding. Drive times are also taken into consideration.

The events at the reception don't have to have an exact time.


10:00 - 2:30 - Bride hair/makeup appointment

2:00 - 2:45 - 1st Photographer arrives @ 333 Third St. Cincinnati OH  45236 for bride prep

2:00 - 2:45 - 2nd Photographer arrives @ 4444 Broadway Ave Cincinnati OH 45236 for groom prep

2:45 - 3:00   -  Drive to Summit Park, Blue Ash for Photos

3:00 - 4:30 - First Look/bride and groom/bridal party/immediate family

4:30 - 5:00   -   Drive to Ceremony Location @ Montgomery Community Church 11251 Montgomery Rd 45249

5:00 - 5:30 - Ceremony 

5:30 - 6:00 - Family formals 

6:15 - 11:00 - Reception

                    6:15 - Wedding party introduced

                    6:30 - Dinner is served

                    7:30 - Speeches 

8:00 - 8:30 - Cake cutting/ First dance/ father-daughter dance/ mother-son dance/ bouquet toss/ garter toss

                10:00 - Photographers dismissed

                11:00 - Reception ends



A Shot List is simply a list of all the combinations of family and friends you would like for formal photos.

Sending us a list allows us to get all of the combinations of photos that you want in a timely fashion. This also takes a lot of pressure off of the bride and groom the day of. Instead of trying to remember all the different photos you wanted to get, we will have a list to make sure we get them.

Formal photos are typically taken at the ceremony site after the wedding. If the bride and groom decide to do a first look, wedding party photos, along with immediate family photos can all be done earlier in the day to cut down on time for photos after the ceremony.  

Below is an example of how your list should look to stay organized and keep the list simple.

We suggest starting with largest groups first to let the guests head to the reception as soon as possible. From there you can break down into smaller group shots. Usually immediate family will be ok with waiting around a little longer for photos.


Brides Family

(Large Groups First, followed by breakdowns)

1. Bride, Groom, Brides whole extended family (List Family members)

    - Aunt Jane, Uncle Bob 

    - Cousin Brandon, Cousin Jim etc.

2. Bride, Brides Mom, Brides Grandma, Brides Aunts etc.

3. Bride, Groom, Brides Parents, Brides Siblings, Bride's Grandparents

4. Bride, Groom, Brides Grandparents 

5. Bride, Groom, Brides Parents

6. Bride, Groom, Brides Siblings

7. Bride, Brides Mother

8. Bride, Brides Father

Grooms Family

9. Bride, Groom, Grooms whole extended family (List Family Members)

    - Aunt Teresa, Uncle Carl etc.

    - Aunt Brenda, Uncle Rick etc.

10. Groom, Grooms Dad, Grooms Grandpa, Grooms Uncles

11. Groom, Bride, Grooms Parents, Grooms Siblings, Grooms Grandparents

12. Groom, Bride, Grooms Grandparents

13. Groom, Bride, Grooms Parents

14. Groom, Bride, Grooms Siblings

15. Groom, Grooms Mother

16. Groom, Grooms Father

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